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KENOX » Company Policies

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Our Vision

To be the best and efficient support services organization in Africa

Mission Statement

KENOX INT’L is committed to being a leading procurement, logistic and engineering, dredging and Construction Company proving quality technical and management services through highly skilled and motivated employees. It is the policy of our company to provide integrated Procurement, Logistic and Engineering services from the...
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Company's Policies / Mode of Operations


This policy addresses the Health, safety and Environmental risks to our operations; and the potential impact on our host communities and staff; with strong management commitment at the highest level. This policy reflects good working practices and shall be made mandatory. Therefore, it shall be our policy to:

  • Continuously pursue the goal of no harm to people and the environment.
  • Manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity.
  • Promote a culture in which all KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD employees share this commitment.

The implications of this policy are that:

  • All activities shall be analyzed to systematically identify related hazards, risks and sensitivities.
  • Arrangements shall be put in place to control the hazards, risks and sensitivities and to deal with consequences should they arise.
  • Continually assess environmental impact and reduce it to a level as low as practicable.
  • Include HSE performance in the appraisal of all staff and reward accordingly.

As HSE remains the responsibility of each and every one of us, every employee and contractor employee must plan and perform his work in accordance with this policy, this policy shall be a high level document, clearly understood by all staff, distributed to all and we shall all be guided by this policy.



As a leading company in oilfield construction activities, spanning across various communities, we are committed to the yearnings and development of our host communities. This we have demonstrated by integrating our community affairs to our HSE operations. It is our policy that: our host communities shall have the knowledge of our mission before commencement of work and a mutually beneficial relationship shall be maintained during and after our operations.


  • To minimize to the barest minimum, the impact of our operation on our working environment.
  • To reduce to the barest minimum project related CA conflicts/disturbances.
  • To enlighten our host communities on the benefits derivable from community related project.
  • To enhance our host communities’ awareness about HSE issues.


  • Liaising with genuine representative of our host communities before commencement of work.
  • Establishing Community Affairs Committees for projects with host communities.
  • Having bi-monthly Community/Affair meeting where all CA issues are discussed and resolved in favour of both parties.
  • Having a resident P.R.O on our work location as a liaison officer between the company and our host communities.
  • Establishing the “CA Award for peaceful Co-existence” for host communities without disturbances during our operations.


KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD management recognizes the fact that there can be no meaningful progress without strong management support. We therefore regard HSE as part of line managers’ daily responsibilities alongside schedule financing, productivity and morale. The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR and the General Manager visit work areas regularly to monitor HSE, wearing the required P.P.E., and discussing HSE with employees and carrying out audits.

The company management holds her HSE meeting quarterly and HSE is also an important agenda on all business meeting. Serious disciplinary action is usually taken for serious and repeated breaches of HSE rules. Line supervisors are empowered to stop work if they feel that the work is not safe. Adequate funds are always allocated for the creation of safe working conditions.

Good HSE performance is always rewarded and the HSE department is fully staffed with not only experienced personnel but also competent ones. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that all employees are properly equipped and trained, and to motivate them to work safely. The right attitude is the key to progress.


KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD has HSE policy that is so simple to read and understand. It is distributed to all employees. Line managers usually discuss with new employees the meaning of the policy and the implication. The employees understanding of the policy is usually confirmed by the safety officer.

The policy that all accidents are preventable and that HSE is as important as any other business. Also the employee is also made aware that he is responsible for his own safety. The policy is displayed on all notice boards and it is taught to local employees in their local languages.


In line with the principles of Enhanced HSE management (EHSEM), “The HSE Incentives Policy” shall be used as a tool of motivation for continuous enhancement of the HSE performance of all workers.

There shall be incentives in the following categories.

  • End of the year HSE award.
  • Quarterly HSE bonus.
  • Departmental HSE bonus.
  • M.D’s Award for the best “HSE” conscious worker of the year.
  • Project Manager’s Award for the best HSE conscious driver/operator of the year.

Incentives shall be in award, (PLAQUES, CERTIFICATES, GIFTS e.t.c.) and monetary gift to be determined by the management.
Selection process shall be made by the central safety committee after the pre-selection exercise by the sponsor department /unit. This policy shall be subject to review in line with the dictates of time.


To reduce security risk of KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD employees, client’s employees and assets, the management of KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD therefore states that:

  • Entering into her company premises and operational areas shall be only by appointment.
  • Visitors must register with the security men at the gate.
  • ID Cards must be worn by all employees.
  • Visitors shall be entertained only on visiting days.
  • Security men must ensure that visitor’s ID card is issued to those whose appointment has been confirmed.
  • All security men must promote the culture of identifying all visitors to the company premises and operational areas.


Our policy in KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD concerning her immediate environment is to impact on it AS LOW AS REASONABLY PRACTICABLE (ALARP), so as to achieve a sustainable development in its entire ramification.

Implications of our policy are:
  • KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD will plan all her activities in such a way that her operations will not jeopardize natural resources.
  • KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD will care, be diligent, prepare Environmental Management Plan (EMP), integrate EMP into project life cycle and will adopt good house keeping before, during and after our project.
  • KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD will operate in all project so as to reduce:
    • Occupational/General health problems.
    • Contamination of surface/underground water.
    • Flooding and erosion.
    • Destruction of aquatic life.
    • Filtration of water bodies.


It is KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD policy to identify, evaluate and manage risks to personnel, property and information, arising from crime, civil disorder, terrorism and acts of war in order to minimize the impact on our operations. Implications of implementing this policy are: Security risk shall be identified and documented for all key operations. KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD shall be responsible for managing her security in consonance with clients’ guidelines. The implications of this Policy with respect to risks of personnel and property are: (i) KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD will handle security risks on site through effective communication and dialogue. (ii) Whenever there are sufficient physical threats to lives and property. KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD would expect the forces of law and order of the State to provide appropriate protection. (iii) KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD will not at any time use force in solving any security issues unless the CLIENT and State consider it absolutely necessary. (iv) KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD will not operate in an environment where the continuous deployment of Nigerian Armed Forces is required. (v) This policy will be pursued in compliance with CLIENT’S Guidelines on Use of External Security. (vi) In pursuing this policy, KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD will do all we can to ensure that human rights are respected.


Unless on emergency situations, KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD forbids night driving in all its land operations. It should be clear to all drivers that approval for night driving must come from the management (line/staff) or client representative.


In KENOX INT’L PROJECT NIG.LTD, we recognize the fact that safety seat belt enhances the chance of survivals and reduces the risk of injuries in vehicles accidents. As such, it is mandatory as a matter of policy for every worker, especially on company’s business to always fasten his/her seat belt. All right and heavy-duty vehicles trucks, tractors, forklifts, etc. must have seat belt fitted in them and must be worn by drivers, mates and operators always.

The “NO SEAT BELT” “NO ENTRY or EXIT” shall be enforced at points of entry in company premises or facilities by security officers. All line management personnel are to ensure compliance with this policy. Serious penalty awaits defaulters of this policy.



The HSE objective is to ensure that the workers, the contractor or third party involve in one way or the order are not adversely affected by the activities. Therefore shall control pollution in our activities by making sure that:

  • Wastes are properly managed, segregated and disposed according to ISO 14001 regulations.
  • Equipment in use must be certified ok and properly maintained to avoid pollution.
  • Workers to follow –up job policy and procedures
  • Personal protective equipment be made available for the workforce
  • Dumping sites should be made available and must be approved by government.
  • Training on EMS and pollution control must be organised for the employees.


It is the policy of Kenox Int'l Projects Nig Ltd to conduct our activities with good public relations in a Professional manner recognizing the needs and aspirations of its host Communities.

We shall:

  • Maintain good relations with communities, public and local authorities in project executions to achieve company objectives and mission.
  • Give community/ indigenes the opportunity to apply for positions in the Company as required by the clients.
  • Shall corporate with government, clients and host communities to

Promote good social conduct and maintain good public relations

  • Also carry out our activities with the objective of reducing environmental hazards on the community as low as reasonable practicable- ALARP.
  • Inform authentic community leaders of job operations on their land
  • Obtain their consent and ensure the safety of field crews and equipment
  • Employ sixty percent of unskilled labor work force from the host Communities
  • Respect and adhere to all norms and traditions of communities in areas of field operations.
  • Ensure the health and security of employed work force and equipment during operations in the community.
  • We shall identifies strongly with the preservation of the Environment and culture of its host communities in pursuit of our business goals..
  • Audit all office safety equipment in line with manufacturer’s instruction or specification and Nigerian)

    The purpose of audit is to eliminate/monitor the consciousness of the work force towards implementing safety policy and compliance to existing safe working procedure. On this note, the company has as a form of policy to embank on various audit as shown below for the achievement of accident free operations:

    • Transport
    • Equipment fitness
    • Vehicle audit
    • Boat audit
    • Office audit
    • Camp audit
    • Field audit
    • Retainership clinic audit
    • Pre-mob audit
    • Ua/uc audit etc.
    • Audit on other equipment /services as directed by the management.
    • Annual audit plan shall be scheduled to monitor performance and compliance.
    Audit shall be conducted by the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Cashes coordinator, management staff and party chief for the purpose of a well rounded, wider embracing inspecting of work force and operation site.

    Audit findings shall be documented, reviewed, followed up to ensure compliance by the general work force.

Partners / Clients

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